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HYFRA-PEDIA - Industrial Cooling Systems

Modern Technology

A reliable and efficient cooling system increases productivity and protects your investment. As specialists in industrial cooling systems, we combine innovative ideas with tested and proven technology.

"Total customer satisfaction is our success.."


Product Overview:
  • SVK Series (14-160 kW);
  • TRK Series (2-85 kW);
  • VWK Series (2-85 kW);
  • VWK Shell in tube Series (2-85 kW);
  • CWK Series (4-12 kW);
  • CHILLY table unit Series (0,5-5 kW);
  • VWK table unit Series (0,5-3,5 kW);
  • LWK Series (up to 2,5 kW);
All products are quality controled!

We assure high quality, best productivity, lifelong performance!

            SVK                    TRK                    VWK           VWK Shell in tube
            CWK                  CHILLY             VWK table               LWK
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